Bumgenius 4.0 vs. Flip

My two flip covers, one hook and loop (Velcro) in the color noodle, and one snaps in the color grasshopper. I prefer snaps because at ten months old Tempe learned how to take the hook and loop off. So we don’t use it at night, as she sleeps I just a diaper over the summer that could be messy. But hook and loop has perks as it is very fast and easy to put on.

Both have the same flaps to hold the prefold or flip insert in place, which ever you choose to use. I prefer a trifolded prefold. The hook and loop has laundry tabs so it won’t eat other diapers in the dryer. They work fairly well,I have had them come undone before and attach to the fleece inner of a pocket diaper.

Here is a flip ready to go on baby with a trifolded prefold, see its tucked under the flaps at each end. And on the left is a 4.0 Bumgenius pocket. As pocket diapers go I love the 4.0 I like the flap at the back to keep the insert from touching baby, and I’ve used this 4.0 for a year and it still looks like the day I bought it!

Flip and the 4.0 have the same snaps, which makes life easy. They have the same three snap rise, and the same rounded two snap tabs. The tabs have a bit of stretch so it’s easy to get a good fit.

See same snaps and rounded tab. Love the multicolor snaps on Lovelace!

Three snap rise all unsnapped. At 18 pounds long and tall chicken legs Tempe is on the middle rise.


They both fit her the exact same, this is a 4.0 in Twilight.

Compared I really like both diapers equally. They Are both by cotton babies, just two different options. The 4.0 has a micro suede inner which some babies have a sensitivity to. So a flip with a 100% cotton prefold may be a better option.
The 4.0 is 17.95 and the flip is 14.95, so the flip may be a little easier on the wallet, though you will have to add in the price of prefolds. Both can be purchased at cottonbabies.com

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Prepped Prefold vs. Not

When I started cloth diapering I really didn’t understand the concept of “prepping prefolds”  I didn’t understand why you would need to prep it. It was a little alien to me. And I didn’t see a whole lot of photos of what the difference was. So here we go, this is the difference!

DSC01172This is a OsoCozy Unbleached better fit premium prefold, not prepped yet! See how it is rather flat. Once its prepped it should look “quilted”


This is the new prefold before being prepped, with an OsoCozy Unbleached better fit infant prefold. (the purple edge) That prefold is prepped, see how wrinkly it is. Yep that’s what you’re going for when you prep prefolds.

DSC01182And there it is prepped! This is after five hot washes, dried in between. See how it shrinks?! I was a little shocked by how much a prefold shrinks once they are prepped.


There you go, now its all ready to put on a baby.

Prefolds are a pretty foolproof method of diapering, because you cant really ruin them. They don’t get detergent buildup as easily as pocket diapers, because its a natural cotton vs. a synthetic fiber like fleece or micro suede. They are super absorbent  and generally my go to night time diaper. And with a good cover you don’t have to snappy or boingo them if you don’t want to. Because I try to keep cloth diapering simple for my husband, I padfold and stick them in a cover like that. (pad fold is like what is shown above) voila perfect diaper!


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The Purple Mirror

This is by far my favorite DIY I have done. I adore this mirror, and I am so happy I have it.

2012-09-22 17.18.48

I got this old gold mirror from one of my husband’s coworkers. The gold was peeling and flaking off. I loved the mirror itself though. So I decided to give it a make over.

2012-09-22 17.39.20 2012-09-22 17.44.18First I just painted the whole frame white, so that the color I picked would show up really well.

I for some reason didn’t take any photos during the painting process. But I mixed the purple I painted my door (the color was valspar Grape I believe) with white, to get the perfect light purple.

 2012-09-23 14.44.27

 Instant pop of color! I adore it, it brightens up the whole entry way to our home. And its perfect for checking your hair before running out the door.

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My newest Diaper, and why I love it.

Recently I have been trying to revamp my diaper stash. My daughter is a heavy wetter, and likes to be on her belly all day long. So we have been suffering from compression leaks with her leaking out the front. Really the laundry is getting to me. So I took some of her ill fitting diapers into the local baby consignment shop (that also sells cloth diapers!) and essentially traded them in. I picked up this diaper from the used section just to try it out. Now I am wishing I had more! So here is why I love it, and the one reason I don’t. 
Bumgenius All In One (AIO) Elemental. 
In the color Blossom, which for some reason my camera does not like the color. 
The inserts are very absorbent cotton, which I love. We haven’t had any leaks with this. 
Now for the part I don’t love… Those wonderful inserts are stitched in on both sides. So dry time takes forever.  But the fit and how absorbent it is makes up for the dry time. 
This diaper is very trim on my little girl, I don’t find that it makes her have that giant fluff butt that a lot of her pocket diapers cause. 
See the difference? AIO on the left, Pocket on the right. I do love Bumgenius pockets, but look at all that fluff. 
Just to compare, Bumgenius Pocket in Lovelace

Other than the added bulk of the pocket diaper the fit is about the same. I like them both for different reasons. But right now I’m wishing I had more AIO Elementals! (maybe for our next baby….) 
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A Day Of Diapers

I thought this would be a fun post. A day in diapers. This kid goes through a lot of changes! and the rare occasion we have to use disposables my bank account feels it. She hates being at all wet, and would much rather be held over the toilet. (which I do sometimes) I’m hoping she will potty train easy because of this! So here goes. 
She got up at 9:00am with my husband not sure how many prefolds she went through. I’m guessing about 5 because that’s about how many were in the wet bag. Then she took a nap at 11:30am, and at 1:00pm this is the cover she was still in. (we use this cover for up to five changes, it wipes clean very well.) 

I adore this cover! It is a sweet pea one size cover. It is the diaper she sleeps in, it has a double gusset. With just a pad-folded cotton prefold she doesn’t leak. 
Bumgenius all in one Elemental, one size. In the color blossom. I love this diaper! I will be doing a blog post on it later. The color is impossible to photograph. 
Bumgenius one-size pocket, in Lovelace. I adore this pattern and wish I had it in an All in One.. Alas I am not allowed to buy any more diapers! 
Fuzzibunz Onesize (not an elite, I got this on sale when the elite was released) I caught this picture as she rolled away. Diaper changes are a wrestling match. 
So 8 diaper changes by 3:30pm. We started at 9:00 am… Like I said, if we used disposables our bank account would cry! 
Sunbaby one size pocket. I think the pattern is called Outer Space.  This diaper (all of my Sunbaby) has been my favorite for fit since she was about 8 pounds. I love the hip snaps. 
BabyKicks one size pocket. I love this diaper for the fact that it has an all natural hemp insert, and I like the velour fabric against her bottom. She is up one rise unlike her other one size diapers where she is on the smallest rise. She is 13 pounds so we will see how long this diaper lasts. 
Sunbaby one size pocket. HelloKitty print! This was her very first cloth diaper! and the first diaper I bought when I found out I was expecting a girl. I adore this diaper, the fit and the print. 
Bumgenius one size pocket, in concrete jungle print. Picked this up cheap at a tot swap, love it! 
(excuse the picture shes a difficult one and a wiggle worm)
Kawaii one size Goodnight heavy wetter pocket, in blue animal print. I like this diaper for how absorbent it is. The down fall of it happens to be its rather bulky. I don’t use this as an over night diaper, I normally use a pad-folded prefold and cover. She is a side sleeper so no leaks is difficult for over nights. 
So recap that is 14 diaper changes by 10:00pm. Shes asleep now, I will probably change her once more before I go to sleep. So 15 changes a day. Good thing we have 30 changes available! Like I’ve said, we couldn’t afford her in disposable diapers. 

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My little Girl

I never thought I would miss being pregnant. 

Nor did I think I would miss that tiny newborn phase as much as I do. Who knew how easy and difficult it could be. Tempe had her four month check up today, and it really reminded me how fast time flies. When she was a newborn I thought being her mom was so hard, she didn’t sleep through the night, we had trouble with her latch. She was jaundice. The list goes on. I didn’t realize how hard it seemed, but how easy it actually was. When she was a newborn she was this tiny little squish that needed me for everything, I had to hold her all the time, but she only weighed 7lbs 7oz.  Really all she did was eat. sleep. poop. See easy.

I’m pretty sure every stage with a baby is hard, because that stage you are in. Thats the hardest its been so far. I’ve realized I enjoy every milestone she hits, and I look forward to the next, but I miss the last stage. Being a mom seems a little strange. Its a bit of a rollercoaster (one I actually enjoy!) She amazes me every day, and she is just going to keep growing. 
3 months 
Those first smiles, and laughs. The first time she rolled. All amazing. 
Now look at my big girl, today she weighs 13lbs 6oz. She is trying to get in to everything! She rolls every where since she cant crawl. She thinks its funny when I lay her in her crib thinking she is asleep. 
I miss the newborn stage, but I’m so excited for the next step. 

This kid cracks me up. Every day. I love being a mom :) 

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Absolute Favorite Teether

This is a teether I could not live without! I love it almost as much as Tempe does. Poor baby girl has all sorts of tooth buds but non popping through yet. She is pretty miserable at night. She holds on to this thing and chomps away. Really helps her it seems. 
It is from Discovery Toys Here
I will admit when I got it as a baby shower gift I thought it was a little strange looking. But what did I know!? Tempe is my first! Thank goodness at the first sign of teething I whipped it out. 
 She generally chews on it like this if she holds it herself. 
She really likes it at bed time. 

This is by far the best I’ve found for teething. I’m not one to use medications, I try to stick to all natural things. She does wear an amber necklace, but that is for another post. 
Thanks for reading! 
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Iron On- Fail, hot glue gun win!

*This was an iron on fail…. Just to warn you. I was not happy but not surprised. I cant Iron on anything! So maybe it would work for you…

Ergo Baby make-over  
I baby wear my four month old daughter. I have a Moby wrap and an Ergo carrier. I tend to use the Ergo the most when we go out shopping and places like that. And lately with the cold weather and lots of germs I have been getting really grumpy when random strangers think its ok to touch my baby! I step away or turn and say no touching but it always happens at least once. And one of these days someone is going to lose a hand for it. So I thought I need a giant neon sign over my head reading “Dont touch my baby!” Seeing as that wasn’t really possible I decided to go with this. 
(Dont mind my wonderful clashing shirt. This was midnight trying to put baby to sleep!)
I got these wonderful flocked iron on letters. They were a major fail in the IRON ON department. Oh well.
Here is my precious Ergo 
I tried and tried to iron on the letters the way the directions said. It just wouldn’t stick at all! So I thought maybe it was the fabric of the ergo, so I tried it out on a cotton t-shirt. I still couldn’t get it so I gave up! I put the tiniest hot glue on the back of each letter and pressed them down where I wanted. Once that was all laid out I put a cotton t-shirt over it and ironed over all the letters to make sure they were really on there. Seems to have worked! Now to see if people can read… Either way at least I’ve put it out there that I dont want people touching her. She bites everything that gets close enough, and I really dont want some strangers fingers in her mouth. Even if they didn’t mean for their fingers to end up there! 
So simple but I like it. 
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It really works, who knew

I’m a skeptic sometimes. When I was looking into how to get stains out of my diapers I kept reading “Sun them!”. Ok really? How is sun going to get this HUGE baby poop stain out of my diapers!? Yeah right, it can t be that easy. But as always I decided to test it. So I put my favorite dipe that got a huge stain on it out to sun… I brought it in a few hours later and looked at it. Oh! Its gone! So I thought next time, I would take pictures. Maybe I had been fooled some how. Right? Maybe it didn’t actually work… So Today I tried it again. let the following pictures be the proof in the pudding… Or in the baby poop… Sorry if this is gross. But hey when you cloth diaper sometimes you have to embrace the baby poop. (Well not literally ew) 


White again! I am no longer skeptical of this method of stain removal. It really works! 

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My Wipe Solution

I tend to be lazy about some things, I like to use things I have on hand. I knew I wanted to use my own wipe solution, but it had to be cheap… And stuff I generally have on hand. So this is what I came up with after reading some recipes online and deciding I could tweak them with what I happened to have in my bathroom. 
 First I use my Peri bottle from the hospital when I had my daughter. Makes sense right!? I used it for my under-carriage why not hers? 

So there are all my ingredients. I fill the bottle a little more than half way with water. Then fill it the rest of the way with witch hazel. I love the way witch hazel smells, maybe I’m strange. Then I add about five squirts of aloe (I know very scientific aren’t I?) Then a few drops of the baby soap, and shake it up. 
Then I spray it on top of the wipes as I need it. I keep my wipes in an old disposable wipe container. 
 My wipes are just pieces of flannel cut with pinking shears. They work great and were SUPER cheap. And since I use them to save money that was a must. 
See easy. Then when they are used I toss them in the dirty dipe and toss it all in the wet bag. 

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